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Web Portal Help

Q: How can I log into the Bruin Portal?

A: Please click here to view information about logging into the KCC Bruin Portal.


Q: Forgotten Username\k-id?

A: If you have forgotten your username\k-id, you may use the system to look it up. Currently there is not a way for you to retrieve a forgotten password.  Look up Username\k-id


Q: My password is about to expire, how can I change it?

A: If you know your password, you may change it at any time. Click here to view information about changing your Universal Password. Password requirements= 6 to 12 characters long, containing only numbers and letters, no special character (Examples: `~!@#$%^&*()_+=-\][{}|’;”:/.,<>?)  


Q: How do I get my Universal Password reset?

A: Policy for Password changes: Passwords will be reset for the owner of the account only. Students and staff can contact the I.S. Help Desk by phone (269) 965-4148 or in person to have their password reset. To identify the caller as the owner of the account, some personal information will be requested. For walk up assistance, students can stop by the I.S. Help Desk, Customer Service Center, Regional Center offices, or many of the Student Services departments. Click here to view information about changing your Universal Password.


Q: Once I change my password, how long do I have to wait before I use my new password?

A: Once your password change is confirmed, you should wait 5 minutes before trying to log back into the Bruin Portal or into a workstation on campus. This will allow the new password to be updated with the other applications. When your 5 minutes has elapsed, you can use your new Universal Password for the portal and workstations across campus.

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